Greene County Real Estate Values – Increasing The Value Of Your Home

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Green Count Real Estate ValuesGreene County Real Estate Values – Making The Most

Increase the value of your Greene county real estate before putting your home on the market

1. Exterior painting vs. Picture perfect gardens

As important as curb appeal is when selling your Greene county real estate don’t over plant and over spend. Unless the prospective buyer is horticulturally inclined your efforts won’t be appreciated. Too much in the landscape could deter some buyers. They may not want to spend all of the time necessary to keep the landscape in perfect condition. Having a professional exterior job is the better home improvement. With this improvement you can recoup close to 75% of its cost.  Green Count Real Estate Values

2. Wood Deck vs. Swimming Pool

I think we all know a swimming pool does not add value to real estate. It sure does sound nice though on a hot summer day! The two biggest reasons are, pools are very expensive to maintain. Second, there is a big fear fear of pool accidents. Now a wood deck on the other hand is something everyone will enjoy. A deck will got a lot use. A wood deck can also add to the appearance of the home. Adding a deck will recoup about 77% of its cost.  Green Count Real Estate Values

3. Kitchen remodel vs. Home theater

Green Count Real Estate Values Home theaters have broad appeal. They can be very attractive investments for luxury properties. They are also huge investments that include technology that you may want to take with you when you move. Would you really want to leave your high end TV and sound system? It’s a much riskier investment than standard improvements to parts of your home. Remodeling magazine reports in the 2013 issue of Cost vs. Value that the average spent on a major kitchen remodel is $54,000. The average cost of a minor remodel is $18,000. A kitchen remodel will recoup between 69% and 75% of its cost.



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